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by Anirbhav Foundation
Created Oct 04, 2022 | Delhi
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Anirbhav Foundation,
We are based in Delhi, We establish in 2022, We were working in west Delhi since 2022
610, Kakrola Housing Complex, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110078
Email Id –
Contact Number: 8146005013

We are a Ngo based in Delhi, State Delhi, We are operating since 2022 in west Delhi

As an NGO we have observed many homeless people, many such people who are dependent are suffering from many diseases, serious diseases. These people are homeless and shelterless, and these people are residing near the roadside. They are suffering from extreme heat in summer, extreme cold in winter, and extreme rain in monsoon, these people have a condition to beg for everything, and many dies at the roadside because of no help. Even there is no one for their crimination.

As we are an NGO working since 2022 we are already providing them, Food, and we are already providing medical facilities. We are trying to provide them shelter.
But we are helpless, we fail to provide this facility and services, and we are lacking behind because of volunteers. To help those homeless people distributes and we are lacking behind to provide medical facilities as well.
This time we are requesting everyone to come forward and help us in serving food, we are already serving food but still, it is not enough. Please join us come forward, your one single donation can change someone’s life,
We are serving 3 chapatis, 250ml rice, 250ml of daal, and 250ml of sabji, this is costing us Rs 125/- per food packet. One family required at least 3 food packets or a group of 4 people would require 2 or 3 food packets. Sponsor it today so these people can’t sleep empty stomach.
A humble request donates us so we can serve these broken people.
Thanks & Regards
Anirbhav Foundation,

Email Id –
Contact Number: 8146005013
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